Data Wrangling Course

James Howison's Data Wrangling course from the Information School at the University of Texas at Austin.

Hello World in Python #

In this class we test our setup by getting a very simple Python script up and working. “Hello World” has a venerable history in programming and XKCD has a comic specifically about Hello World in Python.

You will be working in JupyterLab on your 2i2c server.

“The Programming Historian” has a useful introduction to the Jupyter Notebook interface. Read down from that link to the first paragraph of “Working in Jupyter notebooks”.

Creating a new Jupyter Notebook file #

The embedded video below shows creating a new Python 3 notebook (click to play/pause/restart).

You can then name the file, by clicking on the name at the top, which is “Untitled” by default.

You can then copy the code from the code sections on these pages into cells in Jupyter. You execute the code by hitting shift-enter (or clicking the “Run” button). You see relevant output immediately below that cell.

Through the pyhton section of the course I have available screencasts from a previous year. This doesn’t use Notebooks but the code is identical Hello World in Python.

You can copy this code into a cell in Jupyter, after creating a new Notebook.

print("Hello World!")

On to Variables.