Datasources that provide CSV or Excel

General Sources

  • CORGIS: The Collection of Really Great, Interesting, Situated Datasets. Former student says, “They do a good job of explaining what’s in each dataset and what it means.”

  • Data is plural newsletter An eclectic source of data sets with a fun newsletter.
  • Reddit’s Data is Beautiful Fun vizualizations and links to data sources.
  • Data-dot-world Lots of great datasets and can also host your own data and project (figures etc.) is also interesting because it’s a startup here in Austin and they have jobs from time to time (and strong iSchool connections).
  • Kaggle. But please try to trace back to original datasets to confirm they come from different organizations and they haven’t been cleaned up.

Other data sources:

Data that can be hard to use:

Examples of data that are harder to deal with: