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Workshop on field studies of data and software work in science


Collaborative Notes Document: The new google docs link


This workshop will be held on April 20th in Portland, OR immediately following the FORCE 2016 scholarly communications conference, supported by the Sloan Foundation.

We are inviting participants from four research projects, each conducting empirical studies of scientific work on software and data.

The four groups are Jim Herbsleb’s group at CMU, Christine Borgman’s group based at UCLA, James Howison’s group at UT Austin, and the Data Science Studies Working Group at NYU, Berkeley, and Washington. See Participants for a full list.

The purpose of the workshop is to better understand each other’s research and current projects, seek points of commonality or productive articulation, and to consider opportunities for future projects, publications, and dissemination of results.

James Howison at UT Austin is organizing the workshop. Pre-workshop discussions are occurring via this mailing list.

See links above for details on Logistics, Schedule, Participants, Papers and Discussion Questions.